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Zetec oil filter part no?

Author Tight Fart

On driveway
#1 | Posted: 13 Aug 2014 08:49 
Mr Dunnell has always refused to tell me the part no. For my 2L Zetec, it takes the shallow one, can anyone tell me the part number please?

1989 2.0l Zetec

Author Eugene

Heading South
#2 | Posted: 13 Aug 2014 09:38 
Options look to be:

Coopers Z87; Coopers Z107; Wix 7064; FRAM 4546; PUROLATOR L17825; Ford EFL 298; Ford 1455760; Fram 2874;

Le Presidente

Author Tight Fart

On driveway
#3 | Posted: 13 Aug 2014 18:20 
Ok, ta.

1989 2.0l Zetec

Author Caterham Zetec
Driving through town
#4 | Posted: 15 Aug 2014 08:12 | Edited by: Caterham Zetec 
Use a Mahle OC 606 on mine. Its by far the shortest filter i have found with the exception of the old Renault ones. Listed as being for "Fiesta, Mondeo, Focus"

http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-68894-mahle-oil-filter-oc606-ford-fiesta-focus-mondeo-.as px

Author Tight Fart

On driveway
#5 | Posted: 21 Aug 2014 10:35 | Edited by: Tight Fart 
I ordered the efl298 and it looks enormous (May fit though)
Then by chance I have a fram 4546 in the garage, must have purchased it years ago to try but never got around to it.
The Dunnell one is far right.

3 oil filters

From above

1989 2.0l Zetec

Author Dorchester

In garage
#6 | Posted: 10 Sep 2014 19:24 
Tight Fart
My Dunnell Zetec has a Fram PH2954 (Ensure of the raised threaded boss type or you don't get enough thread to screw the thing on...)

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 Zetec oil filter part no?

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