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Seven Diffuser Discount

Author Kevhodgin
Planning a blat
#1 | Posted: 30 Aug 2014 17:43 
As you may or may not be aware I supply these as per diffuserseven.co.uk
I will be attending the track day at Brands on Tuesday and Seven Speeds next weekend.
If you wish to buy one at a discounted price of £200 please let me know, and I'll bring
some along, cash only please.
Thanks Kev
Kev Hodgin

Author Mad Hatter
At Le Bounty
#2 | Posted: 30 Aug 2014 17:56 | Edited by: Mad Hatter 
Are you pedalling cheap swap at my track day?:banging:

No worries and might i point out a bargain too and a quality product
Kev add a link to your website for those that have not seen your diffuser.

Author Eugene

Heading South
#3 | Posted: 31 Aug 2014 07:10 
Linky: diffuserseven.co.uk

Le Presidente

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 Seven Diffuser Discount

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