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LED driver

Author WestyOwner

On country roads
#1 | Posted: 26 Oct 2013 23:53 
For folks who never saw my first post on this ( I requested it be deleted because I thought some else was interested in it) , many people are complaining about the lack of output from the current stock of "off the shelf " LED replacement light units, for those of you who have ever watched any TV footage of incar cameras you may have noticed that the rear lights of certain cars appear to flash, they are flashing, but not at the rate you are seeing it, the difference being the offset in frequencies between the LED itself and the camera filming it, in other words the are being pulsed . Together with a good friend of mine, we have developed a range of devices, which will do the same thing, these when viewed with the naked eye appear to be just very bright LED's, but are infact flashing at such a high rate the human eye is unable to detect it. Pulsing the LED at hgh rate increaes the light output by at least 200% and because it's pulsed does not affect the life of the LED , many of the high end sports cars already run these units as standard and are set to transfer to tintop cars in the near future, I know that a certain car manufacturer has already been warned for dismal light output from LED lights, so this is a simple and cheap fix. If you need more info please post here or PM me, but please do not waste my time if you are just window shopping.
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Author daz00004

Planning a blat
#2 | Posted: 27 Oct 2013 18:07 

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 LED driver

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