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Carbon fibre handbrake lever

Author CK07MON

In garage
#1 | Posted: 28 Apr 2014 13:32 
Those who are members over at Bl@ch@ will have probably already seen this.

There is a chap in Germany who is currently making carbon fibre handbrake levers. they are a direct replacement for the original Caterham one. it comes in two different lengths, a short one for the older style lever and a long one for the newer style. although they are designed for a Caterham they may fit other cars with some modification.

i ordered one on friday 18th after exchanging emails and it arrived wednesday 23rd
it came well packaged, and the quality is amazing, looks a hell of a lot better than the standard Caterham one.
pictures of mine can be seen http://imgur.com/a/FyYVs#0

The cost was 50GBP including potage but i can not guarantee it still is this price.

for questions or to order contact him direct at carsten.filmer@gmx.de

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 Carbon fibre handbrake lever

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