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Boy's Toy's Day 18th July

Author DDubya
Planning a blat
#1 | Posted: 10 Jun 2015 09:38 
An invitation, especially those who own genuine Lotus' of all models to come along to this event.

HiFi Lounge is run by a friend of mine Paul Clark. Paul is a real Lotus Nut, fellow Exige LF1 owner, also has an M100 and I've just persuaded him to buy a Caterham R300. Would be great to see as many of the Herts and Penn 7's crowd. Especially as there is a chance of free food (Brekkie and a lunch BBQ).

Register, Come along and tell your friends. I think we have 70 cars registered so far and is also being supported by Silverstone Lotus.


Author Eugene

Heading South
#2 | Posted: 10 Jun 2015 12:25 | Edited by: Eugene 
How do we register?

And a link to the event: http://hifilounge.tumblr.com/post/118856978028/boys-toys-day-july-18th-with-hifi-loun ge-pmc
Le Presidente

Author Vipers
Planning a blat
#3 | Posted: 10 Jun 2015 17:10 
Thanks for helping spread the word Danny, if anyone does want to come along just let me know on my e-mail that can be found on the website as I can't post on here due to spam restrictions.

Hopefully it will be good fun, heard today that it will be hog roast being served up at lunchtime so I'm sure that will get a few people in

As Danny mentioned I will be collecting my R300 in a couple of weeks, really can't wait, the idea is to use it mostly for track use but I can see me using much more than the LF1 or Elan to be honest.

Events & Socialising 7-DNA Forums / Events & Socialising /
 Boy's Toy's Day 18th July

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