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quaife box, no 4th gear, damnations, but is it upgrade time?

Author Andy G

On driveway
#1 | Posted: 4 Oct 2016 16:42 
New car (new to me at least) and love it immensely.
However I lost the use of 4th after a track day the other week, thought it'd be the saddle bush but no, oh no it has to be something inside.

Anyhow it has to come apart to a) understand the issue and b) to get the thing working again.

Initially I need to figure out where to take it, I've been talking to a company in St Neots, but there's another in Baldock. Anybody have any recommendations?

But while its apart, I'm thinking what can be done. Replace the clutch is one as I'm not sure what that is or is like condition wise, it works thats all I know.
Also does anyone have experience of a dry sump system on their c20xe's? If the lot has to come out then maybe I'll have this installed, the sump is low on this anyhow, and after my crossflow I'm slightly used to not worrying about things like bumps int he road? Or is there something else I can install that would improve things especially for track use. I understand Caterham in Austria do their own baffle system so maybe its worth looking further afield?
1994 c20xe HPC

Author Eugene

Heading South
#2 | Posted: 4 Oct 2016 17:54 
Hi Andy - do you have any further info on the car?
Quaife do 9 different gearboxes suitable for a Caterham...
But loosing 4th can be just about anything, from a selector issue, to syncro or gear issues
And what spec is the Vauxhall engine?
(Just interested)

Uncle Albert is away at the moment, but I'm sure he'll comment as soon as he sees the thread
Le Presidente

Author Andy G

On driveway
#3 | Posted: 4 Oct 2016 21:16 
Unfortunately i don't, it has a very long 1st gear, is a straight cut set and that's all I know as yet, but the transmission guy is well aware of the quaife sets (or so he says) so all will be revealed when it comes out for a strip down.

The car was originally built by Caterham for a guy to hillclimb, but has gradually morphed from that to this over the course of the past 5 years. left CC as a mildly tuned injection c20 then gradually refreshed.

The engine is on tapered TB's running some mild to wild cams, and was built by Paul Exon of Exon race engines and is pretty punchy, nothing too potent though but it was dynoed at 201@7250. Runs on an MBE mapped system and is excellent on the road and although very good on track, could do with a different map for track use.

I really like it have to say and although sad to see the crossflow depart, this is a great replacement.

Hopefully UA will see the thread and although I couldn't lumber him with this at short notice I'm pretty sure it'll visit the workshop for its annual check etc.
1994 c20xe HPC

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 quaife box, no 4th gear, damnations, but is it upgrade time?

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