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Brew day. London pride style beer.

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Author Donut

Filling up again
#16 | Posted: 5 Jun 2018 20:47 
Time for a new brew. Something for the summer

Mosaic IPA:
Floral and citrusy Cascade hops balanced out by enough bitterness and sweetness to create a well rounded, US Style IPA. With nearly 100g of late and dry hopping, this is not subtle but its very drinkable. If you are after a powerful IPA then this ones for you!
Crushed cara, vienna and maris otter malts
Casade and Mosaic hops and loads of them.
Choice of Yeast - Liquid yeast must be refrigerated.
This recipe pack will give you approx 19 litres of 5.5% ABV beer and comes with full instructions.

If it tastes as good as it sounds should be very nice. Boiling away now for 70 mins before the last hop addition.

Author The Banker

On ferry
#17 | Posted: 5 Jun 2018 20:52 | Edited by: The Banker 

We've a Session IPA on in the Hock Cellar at the moment... lovely... New World hops as here but at just 4%, it's really quaffable...

(edited to add link...)

Author Donut

Filling up again
#18 | Posted: 5 Jun 2018 22:44 
Um nice will go in search of that soon. Might be worth a drive out at the weekend.
Wort is sitting in the fridge now. Used a Safale 05 yeast (US style ale yeast) set to 18"C. Have more Mosaic hops to add for dry hoping after 4 days.
OG is a little low at 1:045 ish so will end up around 5%.
If its ready I'll bring a few bottles for the trip....

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Chatting 7-DNA Forums / Chatting /
 Brew day. London pride style beer.

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