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New Member

| 10 Feb 2014 21:57 | #1
Planning a blat
I'm a new member by way of the Seven-Esque series, I've been racing my Westfield for 6 years and have developed it a long way in this time.

It has a Suzuki Hayabusa engine which I've turbocharged, I've run with this setup for 3 years, it's quite a handfull at around 300hp and 520kg

I'll go into a bit more detail soon.
Hope to see a few more people make the jump to racing, come along and watch and have a natter at some of this years meetings.
All the best.
| 11 Feb 2014 15:40 | #2
At Le Bounty

Stainless Steve:
it's quite a handfull at around 300hp and 520kg

I know the feeling Steve

Thought you would be lighter with Busa power, i am running at 540kg with a Duratec and Sadev
Storm Car Covers
Never Knowingly Under Covered
| 12 Feb 2014 09:18 | #3
Planning a blat
I think it's the fibreglass body on the Westy, it's bloody heavy.
I can always turn the boost up a bit, I find that helps😳
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