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Not a 7 though....

| 24 Sep 2013 17:10 | #1
Driving through town

Time to tell you something about my new toy

Series 2 Lotus Elise 135 Sport, one of the few factory built cars of this spec. 135bhp 1.8 k-series engine.

Sadly only driven it about 150 miles as I had to go overseas for a training course the day after I picked it up

Not as quick as my old 200bhp Caterham but a very nice quick sports car.

Car was used in a 2009 track test for Autocar magazine. It didn't have the private plate on then.

Hope to have many years happy blatting
| 24 Sep 2013 18:35 | #2
Heading South

Not a 7 - but most definitely 7-DNA in there!

Still working on the Elise silhouette... Should have it done soon!

Great looking Elise!

Le Presidente
Le BOG Club
| 24 Sep 2013 19:43 | #3
On country roads

Always loved the Elise, and something I hope Colin would have been proud of.
I think I am right in saying it was the Elise that effectively killed the Cat 21 before it had the chance to get its own reputation.
Stop Junk Calls
| 24 Sep 2013 19:49 | #4
Heading South

I actually have a near mint S1 black Elise too... as you can see blow in the sig.
Lovely car to drive
Le Presidente
Le BOG Club
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