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Vauxhall 1600 Sump

| 4 Sep 2017 16:59 | #1
In bed with cold
I'm trying to replace the gaskets on my sump and have hit a hurdle. I've done it before however I am so frustrated in that it will not budge.

All 14 bolts have been removed, that's including the long bolts onto the bell housing however it appears it is well and truly struck at the bell housing end.

I've run a wall scrapper through the entire length of the sump, the front has dropped enough to place a lever in however it feels that the amount of force I am placing on it will cause the sump to crack or break before it will work loose!

Has anyone got any photos of the sump removed so I can visually see what's happening to the sump nearest the bell housing?

Any help is appreciated.
| 4 Sep 2017 17:05 | #2
Heading South

There are 2x 8mm hex bolts that go through the bell housing.
I think they are in addition to the 14x 5mm bolts.

Le Presidente
Le BOG Club
| 4 Sep 2017 18:07 | #3
In bed with cold

These are already removed. I think it's simply sealant & a vacuum that's preventing it coming off
| 7 Sep 2017 17:12 | Edited by: Hotfuzz | #4
In bed with cold
Sorted out the issue. Don't I feel a dumbass!

There were 2 more bolts in the sump at the back near the bell housing slightly recessed in the sump vents. These are much longer than the other 10 going vertical and not the 2 thicker bolts into the bell housing. So in total there are 16 bolts!

It all looks obvious now, especially examining the gaskets noticing there were 2 more holes but as the car is on ramps and axle stands I didn't get directly under the car to notice these 2 hidden bolts, simply working from the floor but to either side.

Thank heavens I stopped myself using more force trying to lever it as if the sump broke I would have been gutted as I believe these sumps are like gold dust!
| 7 Sep 2017 17:33 | #5
On ferry

More like rocking horse droppings (rare as).don't over tighten the sump bolts .
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