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Welcome to our new Circuit Racing forum!

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| 7 Feb 2014 16:40 | #1

This forum is for the a new race series for the BARC (British Automobile Racing Club) to cater for all Lotus 7 type cars such as Caterham, Westfields, Dax, Tiger etc. as long as they are RWD front engined.

The series is being coordinated by Ian Conibear, who should be along any time soon to explain everything!

| 7 Feb 2014 17:17 | #2
At Le Bounty

Drum Roll
Que Mr Conibear
Storm Car Covers
Never Knowingly Under Covered
| 7 Feb 2014 19:15 | #3
In garage
Lydden 21st June ? 4th October ?
Caterham Superlight # 12, Caterham R300 SV,Ginetta G15,Spaceframe Stiletto.
| 7 Feb 2014 21:18 | Edited by: Ian Conibear | #4
In garage
Hi, thanks to Steve and Carl we are able to have this section purely for circuit racing. Any discussion, debate, slagging off, ideas, feedback, questions, yes you name it anything associated with circuit racing your Lotus 7 kit car, we want to know.

If your new and wish to compete in Seven only races next year, you will be well aware the options are limited, in fact I don't think there are options, but there is now.
The BARC SE in conjunction with HQ are running some Sevensque/Kit Car races as a 'taster series' on their well supported race days.

The following dates are booked and it appears most are held on the BARC HQ race days which is really exciting news. I hope you can join us in racing or spectating. If feedback and entries prove positive they may attempt to find space for more, but of course this is subject to availability.

April 5th Rockingham, planned for 2 x 20 minute races
June 21st Lydden, 2 x 15 minutes races
July 26 or 27 Brands Hatch, 2 x 15 minutes races
August 24th Donington, 2 x 20 minutes races
September 20th Thruxton, 2 x 20 minutes races.
October 4th Lydden, 2 X 20 minute races.

Each race meeting will have the usual qualifying/practice. Starts can be standing or rolling but consensus to date is for standing. Cost of these events are not yet finalised but please expect them to be somewhere between £230.00 - £350.00 venue dependent.

Proposal initially is for 5 classes, all based upon power to weight. Tyres would be list 1a or 1b, forced induction permitted and the races are for any front engine rear wheel drive Sevensque kit car such as Caterhams, Westfields, Tigers, Sylva's, Dax..... No Radicals etc.

See below our basic regulations, but the races would be in accordance with the MSA and all you need to race with the BARC is join the club @ £50.00.

1. Dry tyres list 1a or 1b. (no slicks)
2. Wet tyres list 1a or 1b.
3. Gearbox is free. However, paddle shift in conjunction with sequential, entrant must move up a class.
4. Aero devices permitted as long as they meet MSA road going class guidelines.
5. Brake lights mandatory.
6. Car does NOT have to be able to pass an MOT.
7. Forced induction is permitted.
8. Classes determined by Power to weight. Note, weight means car with driver and 5 litres of fuel. Cars would be weighed at some point. Power at flywheel would need clarification by form of engine dyno or rolling road plot. Initially entrant to declare figures but these maybe checked during the year.

Class 1. up to 255bhp per tonne
Class 2. 256 to 325
Class 3. 326 to 385
Class 4. 385 to 435
Class 5. 436 upwards

Ballast is not allowed.

If you want to register, it's free. Email me at durabang@sky.com and I will send the form back by return. Joining the BARC can be found http://eshop.barc.net/tickets/barc_membership.html

Otherwise, ask questions and let me know what we could do to improve the races. What is it you don't like about previous racing or other series.
| 8 Feb 2014 15:44 | #5
In garage
Bit of an update, to date we have the following registered cars:-

Caterham 12
Westfield 5
Tiger 2
Other 1
| 8 Feb 2014 19:40 | #6
In garage
It says on the website racing membership is £ 90 have I read that right?
Caterham Superlight # 12, Caterham R300 SV,Ginetta G15,Spaceframe Stiletto.
| 9 Feb 2014 09:41 | Edited by: Ian Conibear | #7
In garage
Hi Rob, membership to BARC is £35.00 and a further £15.00 to join the south east region. These races are not a MSA championship this year so no racing membership fee is required, thus £50.00 is total cost.
However, your not the person I think of with a Hillman Imp are you?
| 11 Feb 2014 13:11 | #8
In garage
Hi again, we have been offered couple of other race meetings, do we want take them up?

Snetterton 12th or 13th July
Brands Hatch 1st or 2nd November
| 11 Feb 2014 17:52 | #9
Planning a blat
Is it Snetterton 300 ? If so would be a yes to that from me, but less interested in a second Brands race that late in the year.
| 12 Feb 2014 09:23 | #10
Planning a blat
Oh dear, I was meant to be winding down a bit.... Count me in though!
| 12 Feb 2014 17:26 | #11
In garage
Winding down, you sure. Does your wife read this forum ?
| 12 Feb 2014 20:05 | #12
Planning a blat
Fortunately not
| 13 Feb 2014 12:47 | #13
Planning a blat
Ian Conibear:
Hi again, we have been offered couple of other race meetings, do we want take them up?Snetterton 12th or 13th JulyBrands Hatch 1st or 2nd November

Hi Ian,

A race at Snetterton gets my vote please (either 200 or 300 circuit).

| 15 Feb 2014 11:47 | #14
Planning a blat
Hi Ian,

I am able to do both those dates if BARC does want to book them.

These are the meetings that I am able to do;

Racing Dates for 2014
1. 27th March – Snetterton Test Day (Magnificent 7 Series)
2. 5th April – Rockingham (BARC Series)
3. 13th April – Snetterton 300 Circuit (Magnificent 7 Series) BOOKED
4. 25th May – Snetterton 300 Circuit (750 Motor Club & Sports Specials)
5. 1st June – Brands Hatch (Magnificent 7 Series)
6. 12th July – Castle Combe (Magnificent 7 Series)
12th or 13th July – Snetterton 300 Circuit (BARC Series)
7. 26th or 27th July – Brands Hatch (BARC Series)
8. 13th – 14th –September – Cadwell Park (750 Motor Club & Sports Specials)
9. 20th September – Oulton Park (Magnificent 7 Series)
20th September – Thruxton (BARC Series)
10. 1st or 2nd November - Brands Hatch (BARC Series)

Best Regards to all Gazza.
| 15 Feb 2014 18:57 | #15
In garage
Corr, your going to be busy Gary😉

I intend to do the Brands and Combe mag 7 races as well
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