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NEW Image/File Upload Function

| 7 Jan 2015 21:59 | Edited by: 7-DNA | #1

We have just added a new File Upload function, to make adding images (and .pdf & .zip files) to any posts made to the forum a lot easier!

Select the File Upload icon (above the area where you type a new post - the last icon), and within in the pop-up window use the 'Browse' button to locate the file/image within your PC.

The file needs to be one of the specified types, and be smaller than the specified sizes-
(With image uploads, the image will be re-sized automatically if it is too large)

For all uploads, add a description of the upload in the text box provided.

Press 'START UPLOADING' to initiate the upload.

When the upload is complete copy the displayed 'Upload Code' and past it into the main message body where you want the image/file to be shown.

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