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Company Car Dilemma

| 5 Feb 2020 18:48 | #1
Filling up again

My current company (funded) car is now 5 years old and has 110K miles on the clock so time to start planning for the next one.

At the moment I take a car allowance to sort and finance the car and this has proven financially much better than paying company car tax despite the hassle of having to insure, sort breakdown, road tax etc.

So the dilemma is do I take out another personal loan and sell/part-ex the current car (Skoda 2.0 TFSI vRS) to bolster my funds or take out a PCP? Cars I'm thinking of going for next are Superb 2.0D 4x4 estate, Kodiaq vRS or perhaps an F Pace (I need something with a big boot!).

What's the most cost effective over 5 years?

| 8 Feb 2020 12:40 | #2
On ferry

Mogster... I do this sort of stuff for a living (well, part of it) as Vanarama Chiswick.

If you want to have a chat, either face-to-face or over the dog, to consider the opinions and look at some prices, let me know..!
| 8 Feb 2020 17:51 | #3
Filling up again

The Banker
Cheers Colin, I will take you up on that kind offer. My last payment for the current car is in June, so I've got a few months in hand. I'm in Bishop's Stortford so a phone call maybe easier?
| 8 Feb 2020 18:58 | #4
On ferry

a phone call maybe easier?

Will drop you a PM with my number.
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