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Time to invest in a trailer.

| 3 Jun 2017 07:24 | #1
On ferry

As you know hedge is one off the guys running the lotus 7 club track days and i am thinking off joining him at different circuits around the country.
I have 2 questions,

1st, how the hell did he blag that one ,, no i hear he is doing great things there, from him,
2nd, i have a SV and i know a lot off guys have trailers for s3 but what size/make would be best for me.

Any advice would be very much appreciated .
The trailer would be useful to drop the car to uncle too.

| 5 Jun 2017 21:06 | #2
Heading South

I have no idea....
Uncle Albert????

Le Presidente
Le BOG Club
| 6 Jun 2017 09:31 | #3
Back on the road

Regarding trailers . A nice used trailer is the way to go .A Brian James make are lighter than some others .Had a look on the net and there were a couple of hydraulic tilt around £1800.1900 .Size wise cos you have a big boy it needs to be min 6ft wide and keep the bed length as short as possibe min 14ft .The covered ones are a bit expensive but do keep everything dry and clean,and you can use it instead of a garage . Uncle.
7 Workshop
The 7 Workshop
| 6 Jun 2017 18:31 | #4
On ferry

Thank you Unc, will look along those lines then mte.
| 8 Jun 2017 14:53 | #5
On country roads

| 13 Jun 2017 14:01 | #6
Planning a blat
I'll have one for sale shortly that fits an SV (with standard width rear wheels).
Will have to wait until the end of the month though, and not sure what it's worth yet.
Twin axle Brian James early A-Series.
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