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Short blat of the week....

Author WestyOwner

On country roads
#1 | Posted: 27 Sep 2013 18:08 | Edited by: WestyOwner 
Well seeing as the weather decided to play ball for once when I wanted it to, I attempted to rediscover all the childhood roads and beauty spots my mother used take us on those long hot summer hols, I had a rough idea of the location but hadn't been there for nigh on 35 years..... A quick gaze and google maps gave me a better idea of where I was going, hitting the main roads is a pain at the best of times with our cars, but Friday's are the worst , with folks coming home early due to Poets day ( **** Off Early, Tomorrows Saturday !!) Anyway, a few missed turns and dead ends later I found one of the roads, but was unable to find the others, the area being very dense with trees at times and hard to put myself back in 1974, superb roads for 7's however, and was far quieter than the main roads just 10 mins before, saw 3 motorbikes and just 2 other cars on there in about 30 mins stop. Signs said I was on the outskirts Grisedale forest, which I thought was further north somehow, but no, i was indeed in that area, having checked when I got home.... Great afternoon run out in all, and I will be going back when I get some more time to spare... Couple of pics first one is looking over to the Cumbrian mountains, bit hard to see as it was quite hazy , but still.. second pic, blatant pose shot of car and the sheep that were just out of shot there, but had a really nasty habit of running into the road at the wrong time....almost had a few Lamb chops on a couple of occasions....

Blat time just 3 hours.
Stop Junk Calls

Author CaptainPlugwash

On driveway
#2 | Posted: 29 Sep 2013 01:35 
Is that what the north looks like?

What am I doing trying to find blat routes in Hampshire? Think I'll go to the pub!

Looks fantastic!!!!!!

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 Short blat of the week....

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