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need to source a few things, and some other questions..

Author jaeggernaut
Planning a blat
#1 | Posted: 19 Apr 2019 00:36 | Edited by: jaeggernaut 
i'm looking for the combined experience of the group to help me with a few 'n00b' questions:

1) i think i'm in the need of a new brushed aluminum hood. anyone have any ideas where i could get that?
2) are there mirrors you can buy so you don't need to attach the doors?
3) the clutch is SUPER light making it hard to smoothly roll from a dead start. normal? it's possible that the accelerator is just super sensitive. which brings me to the next thing..
4) the transmission is super notchy so it's hard to do a fast shift and because the sensitive accelerator? or light flywheel? it's hard to keep the revs in a nice place between shifts so acceleration is not that smooth when going through the gears. normal?
5) i had the soft top blow off on the highway too last year. seems like the buttons don't hold well at high speeds. normal?
6) i screwed in the front windshield (it came with just the short carbon wind deflector installed). just besides the screws, nothing else, correct? worried that might fly off too... o_O

IF you're wondering why i need a new hood:
I took the caterham out for the first blat of the season.. more to drive it to my mechanic to go over a few small things. disconnected my battery tender, latched on the hood on one side (other side is tight because of bikes in the garage). started her up. reversed out. went into the house to get a few things and let the caterham warm up and off i went.

on the highway as soon as i saw the hood flutter i knew i FORGOT to tie down the other side of the hood and just as i started to slow down it flew off! i'm grateful i didn't start an accident but the hood did get run over a couple times. i ran out and retrieved it. bent it back enough to drive on local streets to the mechanic. you can fix the hood.. but you can't fix stupid. :/

Chatting 7-DNA Forums / Chatting /
 need to source a few things, and some other questions..

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