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It's wet so anyone else working on their cars?

Author Donut

Filling up again
#1 | Posted: 26 Mar 2016 18:31 
OK wet bank holiday weekend. As the car is up on axle stands for fitting new springs decided to clean up the front chassis cross member and touch it up with some satin black hammerite.

So anyone else working on their cars today?

Garage also contains lots of beer. So it quickly turned into drinking beer looking at the car.....

Author Eugene

Heading South
#2 | Posted: 26 Mar 2016 20:26 
I just drank beer...
And will do again tomorrow.

Le Presidente

Author uncle albert

On ferry
#3 | Posted: 27 Mar 2016 00:28 
It's a wet weekend so l'm working on everybody else's seven. Will get round to mine soon it needs the hub caps polishing. Donut tasted your home tonite (you said let it settle) .lt has settled very well !!

Chatting 7-DNA Forums / Chatting /
 It's wet so anyone else working on their cars?

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