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How wide to go with wheels

Author Dragstar22
In garage
#1 | Posted: 14 Nov 2015 17:31 
Hi look for bit of advice on wheel width at min I have 6inch on front and 8.5 inch rear, would it be better to run 7 inch on front for track use

Author Eugene

Heading South
#2 | Posted: 14 Nov 2015 19:01 
Is that the right question to be asking?
Should you not be looking at the tyre size first, and then the best fit rim?

Le Presidente

Author Dragstar22
In garage
#3 | Posted: 14 Nov 2015 19:12 
Would be looking at running 185 or 205 may go 215 on rear

Author Donut

Filling up again
#4 | Posted: 15 Nov 2015 13:19 | Edited by: Donut 
I have 185 front on 6 inch rim, 205 rear on 7's. For me wth a nice heavy Zetec (aprox 200 bhp) it gives a nice balance on 48r's. Mild understeer easily balanced with a bit of right foot or trail braking into a tight corner but have not been doing many trackways for a while.... I am looking to change the springs over the winter as the car feels a little over damped on bumpy roads.

Author Dragstar22
In garage
#5 | Posted: 15 Nov 2015 15:51 
Ok thank, think will try what I have and see how it feels on the track

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 How wide to go with wheels

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