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Caterham 640R is here

Author Mad Hatter
At Le Bounty
#1 | Posted: 9 Jul 2013 10:52 

Author Pesky

Driving through town
#2 | Posted: 9 Jul 2013 11:49 
The YOB has finally been Top Trumped

Author Mad Hatter
At Le Bounty
#3 | Posted: 9 Jul 2013 11:53 
Lol, not really
They had to go forced induction to get the numbers
Mine is normally aspirated and sounds like a Spitfire (your words)

I wonder what number i would get if blown

Author Mad Hatter
At Le Bounty
#4 | Posted: 10 Jul 2013 23:59 

Author Mucus72
Planning a blat
#5 | Posted: 11 Jul 2013 13:50 
Hello guys.
First post "hello".

I wonder whether we are going to see a more complete model naming convention soon?

The R letter is now positioned after the rough BHP/tonne figure. The R300 is gone (ish?) replaced with the Supersport R, the 485 is a Euro only model, the R400 and R500 still exist, but the 620R sits above. We are having a cheaper entry model that is not going to be called "Classic". The word Superlight seems to be slipping away. Very confusing to a non-Caterham mad prospective punter dont you think? Oh and caterham.co.uk produt range still shows outdated model ranges on the odd page - bad web content governance IMHO....

Author Mad Hatter
At Le Bounty
#6 | Posted: 11 Jul 2013 13:59 
Hi Marcus and welcome to the mad house

Lets hope the Superlight does not slip away, when all the models were tested at Cadwell Park by John Barker see - http://www.evo.co.uk/features/features/260362/seven_sevens_catherham_celebration.html
The Superlight was his car of the day
Did i see my name at the end of the article

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 Caterham 640R is here

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