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Author Summit7

Driving through town
#1 | Posted: 24 Aug 2013 23:19 
Not a BMW batmobile

Not even Gotham city's finest

Got them living under my roof/in the wall cavity

As I type I can them scratching away in there

Cute little buggers


Author CaptainPlugwash

On driveway
#2 | Posted: 25 Aug 2013 00:34 
Had rats in our place some years ago, needed serious pest control to get rid!

Are they friendly? Do they come when called? If so just feed them, stroke them, love them and they will feel part of the family, otherwise............poison the f*ckers

:trying to find the smilie with the kill the b*stard theme:


Author Eugene

Heading South
#3 | Posted: 27 Aug 2013 09:27 
Can't do that - they are protected by law!!!

Le Presidente

Author Big Bad Baz

In garage
#4 | Posted: 27 Aug 2013 10:57 
Can't do that - they are protected by law!!!

Wot ee sed.

You can't touch bats unless you've been CRB checked.

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