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The 7 Workshop!!!!

Author Ads7
Planning a blat
#1 | Posted: 10 Jul 2013 09:20 
A massive to Chris at the 7 workshop. Sent my 7 in for some bodywork and to get a mechanical oil pressure gauge fitted.

Considering how busy he's been the job was done very quickly and to a high standard.

Great service and a great guy.

Thanks again Chris


Author uncle albert

On ferry
#2 | Posted: 10 Jul 2013 09:53 
GLAD to be of Service


Author frank

Heading to Le Mans
#3 | Posted: 19 Jul 2013 21:27 
I too am meeting chris and jackie tomorrow morning to collect the 7.

He really knows caterhams inside out and i cant wait .

I just wish i met chris years ago as i am sure i would of had a better 7.

My only worry is , is that chris took it for its first mot today and hope he didn't have a police escort,

Glad you are all sorted ads.



Author Eugene

Hotel de France
#4 | Posted: 22 Jul 2013 10:28 
Frank, how's the 7 now???

All fixed and working better than ever?

Le Presidente

Author frank

Heading to Le Mans
#5 | Posted: 22 Jul 2013 12:29 
Yes steve, chris has again worked his magic on my 7 and indeed will be carrying on with any future works needed.

A great guy to deal with and trust his judgement 100%.

Worth the journey to know that the 7 is in great hands .

Chris is indeed a true gent and very pleased to off met him.

Thankyou BOG club for the intro.

Author Le Fromage Noir

In bed with cold
#6 | Posted: 24 Jul 2013 17:25 
Chris is a legend. I used to deal with him regularly when I lived nearby(ish) from 2002 until 2006.

Author Mad Murdock

Planning a blat
#7 | Posted: 24 Jul 2013 17:30 
Le Fromage Noir:
Chris is a legend

Some say he even delivers presents to all the good little petrolheads on Xmas Eve

Author Hedge

Back on the road
#8 | Posted: 27 Jul 2013 19:34 
Diamond geezer - what he manages to squeeze out of the Hedgetrimmer in terms of power is unbelievable!
Never Knowingly Underfed

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Chatting 7-DNA Forums / Chatting /
 The 7 Workshop!!!!


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