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New Here

Author Caterham Zetec
Driving through town
#1 | Posted: 10 Oct 2013 16:40 
First post but not new to Caterhams.

Bought first in 1988, 1700 SS Live axle. Sold it in 1992 and bought current de-dion car. Was originally 1700 x-flow but went through various x-flows and has been through several Zetecs since, now Blacktop.

Both cars have been built from kits, probably done only 45,000 miles in those 25 years though, must try harder.

Will try and visit regularly.

Author WestyOwner

On country roads
#2 | Posted: 10 Oct 2013 16:46 
Hello and welcome, nice you have some Xflow experience I may be bugging you for info at some point...
Stop Junk Calls

Author TobyCoulson

On country roads
#3 | Posted: 10 Oct 2013 18:29 
Welcome to the alternate universe.
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

Author Mad Hatter

At Le Bounty
#4 | Posted: 10 Oct 2013 19:37 
Best avoid that dodgy bloke - I'm gutted Zetec
Storm Car Covers
Never Knowingly Under Covered

Author s47

Driving through town
#5 | Posted: 11 Oct 2013 09:00 
Waaay Hi There
You have a Caterham Zetec - I have a S4 Zetec
Welcome to the darkside

Author Eugene

Heading South
#6 | Posted: 11 Oct 2013 10:50 
Eugene is Zetec based too...

Le Presidente

Author Caterham Zetec
Driving through town
#7 | Posted: 12 Oct 2013 12:37 | Edited by: Caterham Zetec 
Hopefully this should load a couple of photos.

Despite the cam cover it is a Blacktop. Just like the looks of the alloy Silvertop cover much more plus I just happened to have one.

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