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sterling excel immobiliser

| 1 May 2017 17:24 | #1
Planning a blat
thought id be clever and ordered a spare immobiliser fob, just tried to program it and have buggered the lot up ! now it seems neither the new or old fob works and cant start the car grrrrrrr !!! any suggestions please as every swear word know to man doesnt work
| 1 May 2017 17:36 | Edited by: BigCol | #2
On country roads

I presume you've followed these destructions

I had issues in the past with my immobiliser appearing to be FUBAR but the issues were due to my battery not being in tip top condition... so a full charge might help before extending your vocabulary might be useful!
| 1 May 2017 20:42 | #3
Planning a blat
yes all was working fine before i started.I disarmed turned off and on twice then it flashed rapidly but then didnt seem to go any further in the sequence !! think i may give chris a ring tomorrow at the seven workshop
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